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The members and friends of Ashby First Parish Church welcome you to our home in cyberspace.

Our home in the real world is on the Common in Ashby, a rural community in North Central Massachusetts (on the New Hampshire border).

About Us describes First Parish Church in photos and words.

Featured Upcoming Events
Worship Service: "Coyote Goes to Church" by Rev. Bruce Taylor

Sunday, April 30, 10:00 AM

Coyote, the trickster deity, plays an important part in Native American folklore and spiritual practice. Alternately cunning and foolish, he brings wisdom by overturning cherished assumptions, testing the bounds of the status quo and revealing new possibilities. What would an encounter with Coyote look like, to Unitarian Universalists in the twenty-first century?

musicians: Lizards in the Hayloft

hospitality: Noël McGonigle

Annual Meeting

Sunday, April 30, 12:00 PM

Worship Service: "No Words" by Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris

Sunday, May 7, 10:00 AM

"Post-truth" was chosen as the 2016 word of the year by editors of the Oxford English Dictionary. Post-truth. Fake news. Alternative facts. In the context of politics in the United States these days, words often fail to mean the way they used to and often challenge our sense of what is truth and who is trustworthy. Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris's sermon explores what happens when words fail us.

Rev. Dr. Tracey Robinson-Harris serves as Interim Minister with the First Church in Jamaica Plain Unitarian Universalist. She has served in three previous Interim positions, as well as serving our larger family of faith as a UUA consultant for Ethics in Congregational Life and for JUUST Change Consultancy and on the UUA staff as Director for Congregational Services. She came to the UUA from ministry with the Community Church of New York in Manhattan.

Raised a Southern Baptist, Tracey discovered Unitarian Universalism during high school with the help of a friend and a class in World Religions. When her grandmother died on Easter Sunday in 1971 she had to decide whether the Southern Baptist Church could minister to her or whether this newfound faith of Unitarian Universalism was where she should turn. She chose the UU church and found the saving message she was searching for.

Tracey's husband, the Rev. George Robinson, served this congregation in the mid 1980's. After moving to New York City, George and Tracey bought the First Parish parsonage. She returned to Ashby in late 1995 when she joined the UUA staff and moved in while George remained in New York serving the UU congregation in Flushing, Queens. He died quite unexpectedly in September 2002.

FPC Outing: Vintage Vocal Quartet in Concert

Sunday, May 7, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

The Vintage Vocal Quartet brings to life the sweet harmonies of the big band era. Their repertoire is drawn from vocal harmony hits of the big band era, like Glenn Miller's Modernaires, the Nat 'King' Cole trio, Tommy Dorsey's Pied Pipers, The Delta Rhythm Boys, and the Andrews Sisters.

Carpools leave Ashby Common at 1:15 pm for the free concert starting at 2:00 pm.

at: Leominster Public Library in Leominster, MA

See the Calendar for information about all Sunday services and other activities at First Parish Church.

Minister: Rev. Bruce C. Taylor

Unitarian Universalist Association

photo: Copyright ©2012 Inanna Arthen

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Ashby First Parish Church is on the path to becoming a UUA LGBT Welcoming Congregation.