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Unitarian Universalism is like a tree with two great branches.

The heart of Universalism is a universal insight – “God is love.” Conceptions of God change over time; experiencing the love of God is more fundamental than definitions. “The Universe is friendly” is a a nontheistic way to express the same sensibility. Becoming attuned to the benevolent spirit of life helps us live in harmony with one another. Further, it is possible for all beings to live in harmony and grace, and it is our responsibility to help make this come about. This is the Universalist faith, experience and prophetic guide.

Unitarians are inquisitive – we seek the “aha!” of wonder and understanding. Freedom of thought coupled with the responsibility to treat others with respect and love is fundamental. 16th century Unitarian Francis David said, “In this world there have always been many opinions about faith and salvation. You need not think alike to love alike.” Unitarians explore the nature of “the interdependent web of existence” while learning to live as creative participants within it.

Universalists and Unitarians joined in 1961 to form the Unitarian Universalist Association. “UU” is not a religion – it is an attitude towards living. We have a long history, common principles, sources and symbols. Loving acceptance and open mindedness are our spiritual heritage and guiding lights.

We hope to share this light from our place on the Ashby Common.

– Rev. Elaine Bomford