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When I first started attending Sunday services at First Parish Church, it was the music that drew me in. Not only are there spirited hymns from many traditions, but also pieces at the beginning and end of the service where the musician of the day can stretch out. Guest musicians frequent the services, playing both traditional and not-so-common instruments, from saw to snakehorn.

– Stephan Arsenault

We teach our children that every person is worthy of respectful kindness, not because of what you believe, or the color or your skin, but because every person is important. We explore God in each and every one of us, in nature, and in revered persons who have hoped to teach us how to love one another since ancient times. I hope they will go out from First Parish Church with confident strength, celebrating the love and truth in God and humanity.

– Martha Morgan

Over the past 13 years, I have worked in Israel periodically, observing three of the world's major religions co-existing unhappily and violently. What a wonderful challenge to all of us, to unconditionally open our hearts to everyone. The Ashby Unitarian Universalist church aims for this ideal. We have great sermons, beautiful music, a good Religious Education program, a wonderful historic building and some very interesting people. All are welcome.

– Mark Haines

Built on the site of the first "meetinghouse" in Ashby, this post and beam structure was constructed in 1809. Home to dinners and community events as well as its congregation, the church offers a decidedly New England visit to the past. Hundreds of panes of warped glass distort the Common outside and without much effort one can be transported to another time. Come on in.

– John Okerman