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October 2018
Sun 7 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "The Fetish of Be Here Now" by Rev. Ian White Maher

"Be here now," is about finding the courage to leave space in our lives so we can see what our fantasies are telling us and then to follow them, to let them help us learn who we are. To be open to the frustration of knowing we may never attain our fantasies, but it is okay so we might let go of regret and embrace who we are called to be.

musicians: Lizards in the Hayloft

hospitality: Alice & Phil

11:30 AM
Parish Committee meeting – all are welcome
Sun 14 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "From the Ancient Heavens to the Future Stars" by Rev. Sandra J. Whippie

Life experiences interacting with people of various faith traditions challenge us to consider how ancient perspectives of the heavens will journey through the generations and cultures of the modern day into an understanding appropriate for the way the people of the earth will live together in the future.

Several personal experiences will be used to demonstrate how we as modern followers of Unitarian Universalism might envision the values of traditional ceremonies and understandings adjusting to these challenges. Some modern trends yearn for a return to a world of the past. How then, do we accept the scientific advances that enrich our lives without the tangles created by the contradictions we know?

Sandra came to ministry in a non-traditional path and brings her background in education with her. Life challenges continue require religious interest and energy. Her recent work with the Monadnock Interfaith Project have enriched her experiences and led to deeper appreciation of how people differ in their faith journeys.

musician: Cindy Schilling

hospitality: Martha Morgan

11:30 AM
Potluck Lunch after the service
Sun 21 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Caregiving as a Spiritual Practice" by Celene Ibrahim, M.Div., Tufts University Muslim Chaplain

At many different points in our own spiritual journey, we may be called upon to be caregivers. For some, this may mean parenting, but for others, it might mean caring for grandkids, aging parents, or other family members or friends in need. What lessons can caregiving teach us? How can we maintain the stamina in order to be truly present to our own needs as well as to the needs of those in our care? How can caregiving be a spiritual practice?

musicians: Lizards in the Hayloft

hospitality: Katherine & Bill Stanwood

Sun 28 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Lean On Me" by Rev. Ian White Maher

It is your face that I hold. It is my face that you hold. We are recovering from a lie; we are not alone. And together we move into the companionship, all of us held by the Divine, so we might find a world of compassion and justice made real by our understanding of one another.

musician: Stephan Arsenault

November 2018
Sun 4 2:00 AM
Fall Back or you'll arrive at church an hour early
10:00 AM
Worship Service: "How Would Jesus Vote?" by Rev. Inanna Arthen, UU Church of Winchendon

Unitarian Universalism recognizes many sources of wisdom from world and historical traditions, but first on the list of these is the Bible. We see Jesus as a great and wise teacher and take inspiration from his words as recorded in the Gospels.

As another ferocious and contentious election approaches, let's take a look at some of the hottest "hot button" issues dividing our nation and compare them to Jesus' teachings. What advice might Jesus have for conflicted voters in 2018?

Sun 11 10:00 AM
Worship Service: Sabbath by Rev. Ian White Maher

musician: Cindy Schilling

Sun 18 10:00 AM
Worship Service: Community Thanksgiving Service by Pastor Ken Johnson, Ashby Congregational Church and Rev. Ian White Maher, First Parish Church UU (tentative)

Every year, we join with the Ashby Congregational Church in a worship service on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Rev. Ian White Maher and Pastor Ken Johnson lead the service together.

at: Ashby Congregational Church in Ashby, MA

Thu 22
Thanksgiving Day
Sun 25 10:00 AM
Casual Sunday theme: (to be announced)

A "Casual Sunday" is a quiet morning of fellowship and reflection, with no formal church service. We gather in the Parish Hall to share stories, readings, poetry, music and videos on the theme of the service.

Video note: Since we have no Internet connection at the church, send a link to YouTube or other videos to Ward several days before the service.

Parish Committee Martha Morgan
Property Mark Haines
Collector Cedwyn Morgan
Treasurer Bill Arnold
Clerk Stephan Arsenault
Trustees Nancy Haines
Music Cedwyn Morgan
Pastoral Care Martha Morgan
Social Justice Kathy Becker
Hospitality Liz Strong
Community Council Nancy Haines
Membership Ward & Barnabas
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