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February 2018
Sat 3 5:00 PM
Pizza & Board Games

Join us for a mid-winter evening making pizza and playing board games.

We'll begin the evening assembling pizzas – bring the fixin's you like best, and we'll provide the dough and sauce. Then, as the pizzas bake, we'll set up the board games you bring and begin an evening of fun together. Feel free to sneak in a plate of cookies or other goodies.

Sun 4 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Intangible Dreams" by Rev. Colin Bossen

Unitarian Universalist congregations are a place where we are free to imagine how the future might be different from the present. What shall we dream? What must we do to make those dreams a reality?

musician: Stephan Arsenault

hospitality: Liz Strong

Sun 11 10:00 AM
Visiting First Church UU of Leominster – "The Three Sisters and a Theology of Community" by Rev. Bruce C. Taylor

Once a month during snow season, we attend a worship service at a nearby UU church.

The natural world, of which we are a part, gives many examples of how to survive, live together, and flourish. Today's service takes the special relationship between the "three sisters" – corn, beans, and squash – and their life giving relationship with human beings as a starting point to explore what it can mean to be a faith community, when we fully recognize and share the many gifts we have among us.

Carpools leave Ashby Common at 9:15 am for the service beginning at 10:00 am.

at: First Church UU of Leominster in Leominster, MA

Sun 18 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "A Black Christ" by Rev. Colin Bossen

Does God have a color? Would it matter if she did? This service for Black History month will consider it would mean if Christ and other images of the divine were imagined as black.

musician: Stephan Arsenault

hospitality: Carol McCarter

12:00 PM
Parish Committee meeting – all are welcome
Wed 21 7:00 PM
Social Justice Working Group meeting [new date]

You're invited to a meeting of the Social Justice Working Group.

One of the goals identified for this church year is to plan a series (of talks, plays or concerts) for the spring around a theme, which for this year will be Social Justice.
A number of ideas have been floated for the series. We would appreciate your input.

Feel free to invite friends who might be interested.

Please RSVP to

Sun 25 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "The Concept of Namasté" by Wil Darcangelo, First Parish Church UU of Fitchburg

Namasté is a choice to read between the lines. To listen honestly. To engage with another human on the basis of an assumption that they are a remarkable and utterly divine being before they even open their mouth. And holding on to that belief once they have. It's a faith that everything they say is pure divinity, filtered through the difficulty of being human. But still very much divine.

musician: Stephan Arsenault

11:30 AM
Potluck Lunch after the service
March 2018
Sun 4 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Zhuangzi and the Butterfly" by Rev. Colin Bossen

As spring nears and winter ends we'll pause for a service on the transitory and illusory nature of life. Zhuangzi could never quite tell if he was a butterfly dreaming he was a man or a man dreaming he was a butterfly. What about you?

hospitality: Martha Morgan

Sun 11 2:00 AM
Spring Forward or you'll arrive at church for coffee hour
10:00 AM
Worship Service by Cedwyn Morgan

hospitality: Catherine Dart

Sun 18 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "10,000 Fireflies" by Rev. Brian Frederick-Gray

"You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies" is more than just an amazing title for a piece of artwork. This large scale installation by contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama's has been described as "the closest a person can come to experiencing infinity." Using the art installation as a metaphor for the kind of life that is rooted in love and justice, Rev. Frederick-Gray will examine what it means to have a faith that makes an impact.

if you are interested in learning more about "You Who Are Getting Oblitertated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies," you can read all about it at Phoenix Art Museum site.

Rev. Brian Frederick-Gray is the husband of the newly elected President of the Unitarian Universalist Association the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray. Brian is an ordained Disciples of Christ pastor who has served progressive Christian congregations in Tennessee, Ohio, and Arizona. Upon Susan's election as UUA President, their family moved to Cambridge, MA where Brian has stepped down from the pulpit in order to be a stay-at-home father to their 11-year-old Henry.

Tue 20 12:15 PM
Spring Equinox
Sun 25 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Our Foremothers' Blessings" by Rev. Colin Bossen

Margaret Fuller is one of our most famous Unitarian ancestors. A transcendentalist, writer, and brilliant conversationalist, she had a spiritual practice that has much to teach about what it means to live a life intentionally devoted to beauty and justice.

Parish Committee Martha Morgan
Property Mark Haines
Collector Cedwyn Morgan
Treasurer Bill Arnold
Clerk Stephan Arsenault
Trustees Nancy Haines
Music Stephan Arsenault
Pastoral Care Martha Morgan
Social Justice Kathy Becker
Communication Liz Strong
Community Council Nancy Haines
Membership Ward & Barnabas
Minister Rev. Colin N. Bossen
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