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February 2017
Sun 5 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Shadows and Light" by Rev. John Pastor, UU Society of Gardner

February 2nd is Groundhog Day, a holiday that we don't seem to give much attention to these days. It shares this date with Pagan and Christian holidays that also honor the symbols of shadows and light. It is one of Rev. John's favorite holidays. Come hear why!

musicians: Lizards in the Hayloft

hospitality: Liz Strong

Sun 12 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Namaste" by Rev. Bruce Taylor

The word "Namaste," and the accompanying physical gesture of respect, have found their way into mainstream American culture. A common translation is "the Divine in me honors the Divine in you."

Today's sermon asks: what are the implications of recognizing the divine spark in each human being? What if every encounter with another person is, in fact, an encounter with God?

musician: Stephan Arsenault

hospitality: Noël McGonigle

12:00 PM
Parish Committee meeting – all are welcome
Sun 19 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Tapping Into the Wisdom of Our Dreams" by Rev. Bruce Taylor

Dreams have long served as a source of spiritual guidance and healing, in many cultures. What are dreams, what kind of truth do they contain, and how can we benefit from them in our waking life?

musician: Stephan Arsenault

11:30 AM
Potluck Lunch after the service
Sun 26 10:00 AM
Visiting a Nearby UU Church (to be announced)

Once a month during snow season, we attend a worship service at a nearby UU church.

Carpools leave Ashby Common at 9:15 am for the service beginning at 10:00 am.

March 2017
Sun 5 10:00 AM
Worship Service: Enough ... Enough! by Loretta CR Hubley

It is a relevant topic for our times that the secret of happiness is both Gratitude and Perseverance.

Sun 12 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Redemption Song" by Rev. Jeanne Nieuwejaar, UU Congregation in Milford

The word redemption may have an archaic ring to it, but it is, in fact, a principle that is central to our liberal religious faith. Our affirmation of the worth and dignity of every individual is hollow unless we also affirm our commitment to help reclaim the value of individual lives that have become lost or broken. This is the work of redemption.

In this service, we will look in particular at the challenge of reclaiming the value of the lives of those who are serving time in prison, reflecting through the lens of our faith on this very troubling issue.

Jeanne Harrison Nieuwejaar is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, ordained to the ministry in 1987 after nearly twenty years of work as a religious educator.

From 1987 – 2000, she and her husband Olav served as co-ministers at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Milford, New Hampshire. Together they then served as interim ministers in Cambridge, England and Manhasset, Long Island, then for four years as District Executives of the New Hampshire Vermont District of Unitarian Universalist Churches.

Following several years of interim ministry in NH, VT and MA. Jeanne retired in 2012 and is enjoying life at her long-time home in Milford. Her greatest passion in retirement is the volunteer work she does at a women's prison, and community work to support women after their release from prison.

Jeanne has authored and co-authored several books, most recently Fluent in Faith, published by Skinner House in 2012.

11:30 AM
Potluck Lunch after the service
Sun 19 10:00 AM
Worship Service: "Investing Our Talents" by Rev. Bruce Taylor

To speak about money (even during the canvass season) can make us a bit uneasy, linked as it is to issues of freedom, security and self-worth. Perhaps that's why Jesus spoke of money so often, and in parables: wisdom stories that defy a simple interpretation, opening us up to new ways of being. Today, we reflect on The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) to see what we can learn.

Sun 26 10:00 AM
Worship Service
Parish Committee Martha Morgan
Property Mark Haines
Collector Cedwyn Morgan
Treasurer Bill Arnold
Clerk Stephan Arsenault
Trustees Nancy Haines
Music Stephan Arsenault
Pastoral Care Martha Morgan
Social Justice Kathy Becker
Communication Liz Strong
Community Council Nancy Haines
Membership Ward & Barnabas
Minister Rev. Bruce C. Taylor
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