First Parish Church, Ashby, MA
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First Parish Web Site Diary

This diary summarizes noteworthy changes in the First Parish Web site. The Calendar of Events is regularily updated, with new events listed on our home page.

27 Aug 12 Add Our Minister page; replace church photos.
1 Mar 10 Add numerous Neighboring Churches to Related Web Sites.
27 Sep 09 Add Worship Service Recordings.
16 Sep 06 Add automated Calendar publishing; restyle the printer-friendly Calendar.
7 Sep 05 Add UU Beliefs to the About Us section.
5 Sep 05 Add an About Us section; update the directions to use Google Maps.
31 Aug 04 Add a printable edition of the Calendar of Events.
4 May 03 Move to <>.
30 Apr 03 Add the UUSC to Related Web Sites.
19 Mar 03 Add photos of the Global Vigil at First Parish Church.
12 Jan 02 Correct the links to the MapQuest site.
20 Nov 01 Update the directions to use MapQuest.
21 Aug 00 Add a UUA banner to the home page; add the Clara Barton District to Related Sites.
2 Jul 00 Add Harvard, Winchendon, Milford & Peterborough to Neighboring CyberChurches.
17 Jul 99 Add the Restoration Project News; add Deb's church portraits to several pages; add MapBlast! to the Contacts page.
23 Feb 99 Add 100 Questions to the UUA links.
31 Aug 98 Setup the site framework and populate a few pages.

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