June 5, 10:00 am. Service led by Lisa Kirk. “I Think That I Shall Never See…”

Come and hear the story of the person who penned those words and the impact they had on our country.

Me: Lisa Kirk graduated from Andover Newton Theological School in 2015. A second career and like the first, a perfect fit. She likes to think of herself as an itinerant preacher like our ancestors who travels to Fall River, Hubbardston, and Connecticut as guest preacher. Lisa also works as a Hospice Chaplain on the North Shore. This work fills the heart; it truly is a gift. Musicians: Cedwyn Morgan & Christine Anderson.

There will be a short vigil after the service for the children and teachers killed in Uvalde, Texas.

June 12, 10:00. Flower communion service, led by Allie Sayre. Musician: Stephan Arsenault

June12, after service: Annual church picnic, at the Cacioppo/ Ward residence.

June 12 is our last service of the church year. We take a break for the summer and will start holding services again September 11th. The church will be holding summer sales during the town band concerts on the Ashby town common.