Sunday Worship: Water Communion / Ingathering

First service of the new church year, featuring our water communion. Bring water from a special place you visited this summer, and mix it with the water brought by fellow congregants this year and in years past, symbolizing that we are irreversibly combined with each other and our history.

Sunday Worship: “Autumn Equinox: Harvest Home” with Rev. Inanna Arthen

What does "the harvest" mean to us in an age of year-round industrialized food production and global shipping networks? As the pandemic disruptions continue to prove to us...a lot. At the time of the Autumn Equinox, we'll look at the meaning of food and harvests for a community, both to our ancestors and in modern […]

Sunday Worship: “The Power of Tenderness” – Rev. Leaf Seligman

In a world with so many serrated edges, tenderness offers us to a way to meet each other with compassion and care. From spiritual wisdom traditions to neuroscience, the practice of tenderness, though underrated, makes great sense. Come and experience the warm accompaniment of tenderness. Rev. Leaf Seligman, itinerant preacher, minister emerita of First Parish, […]