Who We Are

Our congregation has been in existence since the late 1700s, and services have been held in our building since approximately 1809. We are a small but enthusiastic congregation and are proud to be the light of liberal religion in beautiful Ashby and the surrounding communities. Our minister left for a new position in Utah this summer and we have elected to go into fellowship this year, which means that we will have frequent guest ministers in 2021-2022, interspersed with lay-led and alternative services. We’ve done this before and have enjoyed the diversity in viewpoint and style offered by our numerous speakers. We have services from September to June, and take a break for the summer. Services are held from 10:00 to 11:00 am on Sunday, followed by a coffee hour for fellowship.

Our Congregational Affirmation, written by long-time member Clark Greene, is spoken in unison during each worship service. It’s a good description of who we are and why our congregation is important to us.

We gather to build community,
because we know that people need to give and receive love.
We gather to worship,
because we hunger for the sacred.
We gather to dedicate ourselves to service,
because service is the active expression of our beliefs and talents.
We gather to celebrate
the power and wonder of Mystery.

– Clark Greene

This quilt with the words to our affirmation hangs in our foyer.